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Michelin E3A Energy 195/60 R14 86 H tyre
E3A Energy
Car tyres - Summer
  • E
  • C
  • 72dB
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Extreme safety, reliability, reduced braking distances, and all while remaining environmentally friendly, this tyre has everything to make it Michelin's "year round" star. Specially designed for city cars, the Energy tyre has 25% more endurance, thanks to its futuristic manufacturing method. Silica elements in the tread demonstrate that Michelin designed this model while trying to reduce fuel consumption in large towns. Actually, this French manufacturer has brought together new technologies in the construction of its Energy tyres, as evidenced by comfortable and sure-footed driving, even on snowy roads. It also lends itself well to speed, thanks to its versatility which makes it easy to control.

With more than one hundred awards in the Formula 1 races and two victories of the constructers' world championship, Michelin is beyond any doubt one of the most praised and prized manufacturers in the world. One may understand better why Michelin tires are so respected all over the world, if we just sum up the world speed record, with an average of 400km/hour, during the F1 tests, successfully passed with BAR Honda in 2006. The French tires have won the consumers' trust in more than 170 countries, because Michelin's signature comes along with safety, longevity, security and boldness, in all respect of the environment. Dedicated to innovation, the Michelin engineers don't leave anything unchecked when they build a tire. Their products are known for their superb grip in the corners, under diificult aquaplaning situations, but also for their resistance to the highest temperatures. For more than a century, the French constructer, headquartered in Clermont Ferrand has created over 3500 tire models and has been mounted on the most famous car brands.

European seal of approval of Michelin E3A Energy 195/60 R14 86 H: Fuel consumption - Grip on wet surfaces - Noise of extern rolling E C 72 dB C1

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Average score
3.5 3.5 5
(555 recommendations)
29 recommendations
231 recommendations
258 recommendations
37 recommendations
0 recommendation
0 recommendation
Performance on Dry Roads 3.82/5 | Performance on Wet Roads 3.40/5 | Performance on Snow 2.52/5 | Roadholding 3.69/5 | Driving Comfort 3.71/5 | Wear vs. mi 3.65/5 | Noise level 3.50/5 | Quality vs. Price 3.13/5
  • 3.00 5
    United Kingdom, April 13, 2006
    TOYOTA Avensis 1.8 16V
    Durable but noisy.
    Would I buy the same tyres: Probably not
  • 5.00 5
    France, September 11, 2009
    Would I buy the same tyres: Yes
  • 5.00 5
    Spain, August 30, 2008
    FORD Mondéo 1.8 TD
    Would I buy the same tyres: Yes
  • 5.00 5
    France, December 5, 2007
    ROVER 414 1.4
    Would I buy the same tyres: Yes
  • 5.00 5
    France, June 1, 2005
    PEUGEOT 205
    Would I buy the same tyres: Yes
  • 5.00 5
    France, May 2, 2005
    Would I buy the same tyres: Maybe
  • 5.00 5
    France, January 11, 2005
    OPEL Omega
    Would I buy the same tyres: Yes
  • 4.88 5
    Italy, October 27, 2010
    BMW 318 Cabriolet
    Would I buy the same tyres: Yes
  • 4.75 5
    France, February 22, 2006
    CITROEN Saxo 1.5 D
    Would I buy the same tyres: Yes
  • 4.75 5
    France, December 24, 2004
    OPEL Zafira
    Would I buy the same tyres: Probably
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