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I.ce 80   snow chain



Manual metal chains

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I.ce 80
I.ce 80


- 2 chains per bag
- 9mm high strength links
- Semi-automatic tensioning
- Meets regulations
- TüV approved
- Fitting instructions included


- Excellent behaviour on the road, with real driving comfort
- Excellent coverage of the tyre
- Quick simple fitting (less than 5 min per wheel)
- Fits all cars (apart from 4x4, commercial vehicles, camper vans)
- High quality bag for the quick, easy storage of chains.
- Excellent value for money


Check the vehicle's "User and Servicing manual" to see whether snow chains can be fitted to it.
Carefully check the dimensions of the vehicle tyre to determine the size of I.CE snow chains.
Fit and remove snow chains at least once before using them in a real winter weather situation. The speed of vehicles with snow chains fitted is limited to 50kph.
Fit I.CE snow chains to the drive wheels.
Install I.CE snow chains on a flat surface with the hand brake applied.

In order to find out if your vehicle is chainable, please verify your car's manual.

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Delivery time

It is not possible to choose to have snow chains delivered to our partner fitting centres.
Chains are delivered in boxes of two chains. Upon delivery, you must therefore indicate on the signature terminal or paper delivery note, the number of packages received and any reservations in the event of a damaged or incomplete package.

To find out more about delivery, click here.

Shipping cost

Chains are delivered free of charge.


Please see detailed return terms of our products in the terms and conditions.

  • Description
  • Delivery & return
  • Note this snow chain
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