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Maggigroup Trak LT Roue Alliage 52

TRAK LT ALLOY WHEEL - Snow chain for commercial vehicles

- Automatic fitting and tensioning on the tyre.
- Fixes on a single nut on the rim (17 – 19 and 21 mm sockets for fitting included).
- No fixing point on the inside of the wheel.
- Continuous path made up of steel cross bars and nailed rubber plates for adhesion on black ice.
- Nylon transport and storage bag - Complies with panel B26 of the Highway Code.
- LT: specially for alloy wheels, simple, safe mechanical system with tightening lever fitting to one of the nuts on the rim. (SUVs, 4x4s, commercial vehicles, camper vans with alloy wheels)

- Suitable for vehicles designated not suitable for snow chains

In order to find out if your vehicle is chainable, please verify your car's manual.

You can check that the tyre and chain sizes match your vehicle in this usage document.

Delivery deadlines for: Maggigroup Trak LT Roue Alliage 52

It is not possible to choose to have snow chains delivered to our partner fitting centres.
Chains are delivered in boxes of two chains. Upon delivery, you must therefore indicate on the signature terminal or paper delivery note, the number of packages received and any reservations in the event of a damaged or incomplete package.

To find out more about delivery, click here.

Transport costs for: Maggigroup Trak LT Roue Alliage 52

Chains are delivered free of charge.

Return for: Maggigroup Trak LT Roue Alliage 52

Please see detailed return terms of our products in the terms and conditions.

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