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You want to change the tyres on your VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT? Pneus Online can assist you when choosing your VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT tyres. Quality, performance products, selected from major manufacturers. Simply select the size below or use the search engine on the left.

Select your VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT size

The results for a vehicle are provided for information only. Check your tyre size before you place an order.

For 10/2010 - 09/2014, the dimensions for your PASSAT are:

For 10/2014 - ..., the dimensions for your PASSAT are:

For 1996 - 2004, the dimensions for your PASSAT are:

For 2004 - 2009, the dimensions for your PASSAT are:

Buyer's guide for PASSAT tyres

Pneus Online is a leader in the sale of tyres for PASSATs. Present on the Internet for 19 years, today we offer a catalogue adapted to your VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT. This guide will assist you in deciding on the right size of car tyre to ensure performance and road holding for your PASSAT. If you are in any doubt about sizes, we recommend that you check directly on the tyres themselves.

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