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TPMS electronic valve


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Cub TPMS electronic valve

The TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) electronic valve is a pressure sensor fitted in your vehicle's pneumatic valve.
This electronic sensor measures the tyre pressure and sends the data to a receiver that displays the result on the dashboard of your car.
Since 1 November 2014, all new vehicles sold must be fitted with a TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system.

The TPMS electronic valve can be purchased programmed for your car alone or not programmed.
Please refer to your vehicle's user manual to reset TPMS sensors with the car.

The valve/vehicle connection is reset automatically in certain cases. However, in other cases, a professional like your dealer or car mechanic has to intervene.

Blank TPMS valves can only be programmed with a CUB brand programmer.

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