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All-season tyre test

What is an all-season tyre?

Above all, it is a good compromise between a winter tyre and a summer tyre. All-season tyres let you drive with the same tyres all year round, without changing them from one season to the next, providing optimum safety in all weather conditions. They perform better than winter tyres in the summer, and are more reliable than summer tyres in cold weather.

Why choose all-season tyres?

These tyres provide various advantages. All-season tyres save you time by eliminating the need for two fittings a year. You will also save the cost of new winter or summer tyres, and save space because you no longer have to store a set of tyres from one season to the next.

How do you identify all-season tyres?

Make sure they have 3PMSF approval and/or the M+S marking. These markings on the latest generation of all-season tyres guarantee good roadholding on mud and snow (M+S) and satisfactory braking and traction on a snowy road (3PMSF).

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All-season tyres

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You can fit tyres with a load index higher than that of your original tyres.
For winter tyres, the speed rating can be lowered to 2 ratings below the original (unless otherwise specified by the maker).
Inversely, for all tyres, you can fit tyres with speed ratings higher than the original ones if necessary.