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Fulda tyre
In its native country, Germany, the tyre manufacturer Fulda is at the top of the pyramid. Having won 10% of the German market and sold more than 7 million tyres every year, this traditional brand, born more than a century ago has become a world reference. Its strong personality makes people quickly forget that Fulda is today part of the Goodyear empire. Conceived to meet up to the highest standards, these tyres, that got the best marks (10 out of 10) at the summer tests in 2006, for the "aquaplaning" and "traction" categories, never stop improving their already brilliant image. One small step backwards, in 2005, is enough to remind us that it is Fulda who created the sublime Maybach Exelero. In order to bring some further arguments to sustain these Germans' devotion to innovation, we would only add that this car, arrived directly from the future, was specially created by Fulda to test its tyre prototypes in the surest and most sophisticated way. Change brand

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