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General Tire tyre
This American tire producer is among the most respected veterans in the business. Founded little after the First World War, in the legendary manufacturers' city, in Akron, Ohio, General Tire was the first to think of introducing the replacement tire. There is not one single sector on the market that the brand hasn't tested yet: from cars, to off-road, to trucks and bikes, General Tire did it all. A tire that wears this constructer's mark, recognized for the high quality of its all-season tires, is reliable, strong and easy to handle. On their recent model, the AmeriTrac, particularly built for driving on highways, the American engineers added special steel belts in order to increase its safety and stability. Its size, its innovating potential and the prize list of this constructer, who saw a lot of its tires chosen as original equipment for renowned car brands, drew the attention of Continental A.G., who bought General Tire in 1987. Change brand

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