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Kingstar car tyres
Kingstar tyre
Kingstar is a tyre brand from Netherlands. The Dutch counterpart of the world-famous Hankook brand, Kingstar tyres are products of the Hankook stable and are made in the same vein as the Hankook tyres. They come with the best of Hankook technologies and are made in factories of Hankook in a fine range of sizes.
Hankook Tyre was established in the year 1941. It was one of the first and foremost tyre makers in Korea. From then on, Hankook has been an industry leader in Korea, introducing a diverse range of tyres for passenger cars to trucks and other utility vehicles. The company has been ranked 7th in the world and 3rd in Asia in tyre manufacturing by Modern Tire Dealer magazine for a consecutive span of years. With a full-fledged global distribution network, Hankook's products are sold in over 180 countries. The brand's products are superior in terms of quality, safety, durability and exceptional performance.
Kingstar consists of various models of which H714 and K106 are the most popular of Korean brands. While K106 is a high performance radial tyre, H714 utilizes the best of Hankook technology to deliver precise steering response, good traction and stability during high speeds and cornering. Kingstar is specially known for its winter tyres which ensure safety and performance even in rough weather. Pneus Online offers a wide range of tyre references from Kingstar. Change brand

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