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If China is the sixth greatest tire supplier in the world, then we can easily understand why, from Nankang's point of view, producing tires is almost a question of honour. Nankang Rubber Tire Corporation is created in 1959 in China, but it rapidly moves its headquarters to Taiwan, thus becoming the first tire constructer in this country. In time, the brand built itself a strong reputation: resistant, ultra safe and silent tires that transform driving into pure pleasure. But so much moderation would be boring, so, as every tire that has a story, the Nankang has its own secrets. For years now, the technological development departments in Nankang have been searching for solutions to raise the speed potential of their tires. Once equipped with Nankang tires, any car, no matter the brand or the size, acquires an aggressive grip road and increases its speed capacities. To make it even easier, the Chinese engineers also enriched their tires with a good resistance to high temperatures. Change brand

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