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Semperit tyre
Always moving. This is what the Latin name of Semperit, one of the oldest tyre manufacturers in Europe, means. The Austrian brand partly built its success on its almost rigorous respect of the tradition. In 1850, this constructer had already started production in Wimpassing, Austria, in Europe's first rubber factory. Fifty years later, tyre production was no longer a secret for Semperit. The natural environment has influenced its way of conceiving tyres. Semperit is known all over the world for its winter tyres, safe and perfectly fit to snow-covered mountain roads. On this market segment, tradition plays an important part also. There is no surprise if these tyres are famous for their easy handling, their "clean" and safe driving, allowing to maintain a constant speed even on the worst weather conditions. The value for money and the good endurance level mark two nice points on this constructer's resume, which merged with Continental A.G. in 1985. Change brand

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