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Uniroyal car tyres: The full range of Uniroyal car tyres

Uniroyal tyre
Tires from Uniroyal – the Expert for Rain
Whether it’s summer, winter or all-year tires – tires from Uniroyal are rain tires that will always get you through wet weather conditions reliably and safely. The Rain Tire – Water, the Element from Uniroyal
Uniroyal offers safe tires that are guaranteed to make driving comfortable, fun and safe – particularly on wet roads. This is because Uniroyal tires have been specifically designed for optimum handling in wet conditions. The tires are particularly good at displacing water, preventing hydroplaning and guaranteeing a good grip even on wet surfaces. A Driver of Technology and Innovation
Ever since it was founded in 1868, Uniroyal has been consistently improving its products to make them better equipped for poor weather conditions in particular. Taking its inspiration from nature, Uniroyal developed Shark Skin Technology, which features a tire profile that has similar properties as a shark’s skin in order to displace water even more effectively when drag is low. Excellent Design
Not only do the tires from Uniroyal perform particularly well when it’s raining – they are also visually attractive. Uniroyal tires have won several renowned design prizes, such as the Red Dot Award for product design, and the iF Design Award. A Continental Brand
Uniroyal is a Continental brand, and it profits from the manufacturer’s extensive infrastructure both in terms of research and development as well as with regard to production. With the backing of this powerful performance driver, Uniroyal is able to offer outstanding value-for-money. Change brand

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