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1000 Miglia rims: The full range of 1000 Miglia rims

1000 Miglia rim
Maifrini rims wheels: 45 years of excellence
Since its birth by the founder Ernesto Maifrini, Mille Miglia rims and wheels have always been a reference point in terms of design and quality. Today, as 45 years ago, Mille Miglia remains the Italian brand of reference for a demanding clientele who likes to add a touch of elegance to the car.

Light alloy rims as passion
From grandfather to father, from father to son, Mille Miglia hands down from a generation to another style and peculiar Italian passion for design of light alloy rims. The meticolous craft skilfulness of design along with the most advanced digital techniques, have made of Mille Miglia a unique and refined manufactured article. The continuos development and research of innovative surfaces, parallely to the ultimate design of cars, along with the historical elegance of its trade mark, make every Mille Miglia wheel unique and unmistakable. Change brand

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