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Metzeler motorcycle tyres: The full range of Metzeler motorcycle tyres

Metzeler tyre
Metzeler, a German motorcycle tyre manufacturer focused on quality and performance, is a major player in the motorcycle tyre industry. With around 130 years of experience, Metzeler manufactures world-class tyres for motorbikes. The Company, established by Robert Friedrich Metzeler in 1863, started manufacturing multilevel rubber tyres. It continued the same till 1978. From 1979, it shifted its focus to motorcycle tyres. Metzeler has the credit of being the first manufacturer in Europe to develop tubeless tyres. It also introduced tread design with diagonal grooves. Ever in the process of introducing new and innovative tyres in the motorcycle category, Metzeler has good brand visibility. Geared with a high spirited team of motorcycle riders and tyre experts, its tyres meet all the expectations of riders. Change brand

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