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Michelin motorcycle tyres: The full range of Michelin motorcycle tyres

Michelin tyre

Michelin puts the rubber stamp on quality

A pioneer in auto equipment, the French tyre maker is also among the leaders in the motorbike tyre sector. With over 360 victories in World Championships, Michelin is today the sole supplier of tyres for the MotoGP World Championship 2016. And for good reason. The equipment manufacturer stands out for its reliable, high-quality products thanks to its investment in research and development.

Its motorbike tyres are more mechanically and dynamically efficient.

Travel in total safety with Michelin tyres and optimise the service life of your wheels and your motorbike for far greater driving pleasure. Like all the products developed by the French equipment manufacturer, its tyres are environmentally-friendly and guarantee control of the bike bend after bend thanks to the advanced technology applied to every detail on the wheel. It is important to remember that the tyre alone can stop the bike from aquaplaning; we are protected against skidding on slippery surfaces. Michelin invests unceasingly in research to bring spectacular improvements to its bike tyres and the brand is today seen as one of the most popular worldwide, synonymous with increased user safety. Do not risk anything by getting on your bike. Get the greatest possible enjoyment out of your travels with the safety of a top-quality product. Change brand

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